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Sustainable tourism is defined as the concept of visiting somewhere as a tourist and trying to make a positive impact on the environment, society, and economy. For visiting Berlin this means how you use transportation, what accommodation you choose, what food and drink you buy, and what activities you do.

Berlin Declaration On“Transforming Tourism”

In 2017 at ITB Berlin participants from 19 countries created the Berlin Declaration On “Transforming Tourism.” The deceleration reflects on the 2030 sustainable tourism agenda and recommendations for governing bodies. At the heart of the declaration are three core values.

3.1 Human rights and self-determination of communities must be at the core of every tourism development. This includes the right to meaningful participation and consultation including free, prior and informed consent on whether, to what extent and in what form tourism takes place.
3.2 If tourism is developed, it needs to seek a widespread and fair distribution of economic and social benefits throughout the recipient communities, including improving local prosperity, quality of life and social equity.
3.3 Tourism should be a positive and beneficial experience for travelers and hosts alike in order to act as a force for mutual understanding, empathy and respect.

(Tourism Concern)

Birchy's Berlin has signed the deceleration and are committed to positively effecting our Berlin community, the monuments and historical sights we visit, and economic partners. You can download the whole declaration here.

Berlin Declaration On “Transforming Tourism”

Our Goals to help Berlin Tourism Sustanability.

  1. Making Berlin an even more attractive and enjoyable experience for visitors goes hand in hand with increasing the quality of life for residents

2. Further developing Berlin tourism qualitatively, with the aim of achieving moderate and stable qualitative growth

3. A differentiated view of tourism is needed for different urban areas; the special attractions, features and requirements in the individual boroughs need to be clearly elaborated, and then taken as the basis for deriving the requisite measures for developing tourism.

4. Sustainability as a maxim for action to ensure Berlin tourism continues to develop in a way compatible for the city (economically, ecologically and socially)

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