Historic Bars, Pubs, and Breweries of Berlin

Berlin! Capital of Germany and a city filled with history.... also one that has experienced its fair share of damage over the years. From fires to wars and walls, it's not difficult to see remaining damage all over the city. Yet some communal drinking places have survived, been rebuilt, relocated, or repurposed to continue serving the locals and guests. 

So join us as we take you around our home city to some of the historic pubs, bars, and breweries where you can still find a nice cold glass and some of that hoppy sensation Germans are so well known for. 

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Zur Letzten Instanz

We start with what is commonly known as the oldest pub in Berlin. Coming from this city and being old means you've got a lot of history and Zur Letzten Instanz is no exception. 
Located in a beautiful little corner of Mitte this pub is older than most of Berlin’s iconic historic monuments. It predates Prussia and outlasted her as well. The foundations were laid in the 1600s and there is even a piece of the Original Berlin city wall from the medieval period right next door. 
Perhaps though this pub might be best noted for one of its famous guests. As after marching into the city's newly declared Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation, Napoleon Bonaparte dined next to the restaurant’s central ornate tiled stove – now, at over 200 years old, the most famous feature of the interior.

Nikolaiviertel MiTTE

Open Hours: Varies check online

berlin Historic Pubs Tour Marinehaus


Popularly known as the "Admiralty" the Marinehaus was the seat of the old shipping authority around 1900. Located directly on the river spree this pub got its infamy during the revolution in Germany. In 1918/19, the building briefly housed the headquarters of the People's Marine Division, whose armed formations of revolutionary workers and soldiers fought alongside the Berlin proletariat from January to March 1918.

Mitte by the river spree

Open Hours: 3 pm–12 am


The youngest pub on our list is the Georgbraeu. Located right in the heart of the historic city center next to the river Spree, Georgbraeu  In 1992, Oliver Kaßan, the youngest master brewer in Berlin at the time, planned the brewery in the Nikolaiviertel and the rest as the say is history. Now brewing and serving happy guests for almost 30 years, like most of the city this area was completely destroyed during the Battle of Berlin. Almost every place on this list was either rebuilt or repaired, but Georgbraeu makes it on this list due to its historic location and name. Which it gets from the massive statue in front of the pub. The statue depicts Saint George on horseback slaying a dragon. 

On the river spree

Open Hours: 10AM-12Pm


Ahh the  KulturBrauerei. Located right in the heart of Prenzlauerberg and not far from Alexanderplatz. This old Brewery holds six courtyards and over 20 buildings! the architecture is stunning and it plays host to many Berlin events. Built in 1878 many of the buildings originally uses are still visible. The brewery changed hands but is most likely remembered as the old Schultheiss brewery. 

Today the KulturBrauerei is a local hotspot, from music to Christmas markets you can find it all here. If there is a big sporting event going on they sometimes set up large viewing areas. There are three nightclubs and multiple bars located in the old buildings and surrounding area. It's definitely a place to come walk around and check out. 


Open Hours: Varies


Clarchens Ballhaus

This gem is quite sureal. With almost abandoned looking outside and an immaculate Ballhaus inside!
The Ballhaus was opened by Clara Bühler and her husband Fritz on September 13, 1913. Making Clärchens Ballhaus one of the last remaining ball houses from this period. 

High society celebrated upstairs in the Hall of Mirrors, and all the other Berliners danced in the ballroom. 
During the GDR era, it was known as a meeting place for both East and West Germans.
This place has been featured in movies, shows, stories, and tall tales, and is truly a Berlin original. 


Thursday Closed
Friday 5–10 pm
Saturday 12–10 pm
Sunday 12–10 pm
Monday Closed
Tuesday Closed
Wednesday Closed


Maybe less notable than other entries on this list. The MarcusBrau makes it for being a traditonal style pub. Brewing their own beer and housing an inn on the uper levels. This  family-run establishment was founded in 1982 and is located in what was East Germany. This place is a throw back to when most pubs made their own beer and offered rooms to let!
Tucked away just a stones throw from Alexanderplatz, if you can make it past all the newly built establishments around it, stop in for a one of a kind beer.  This palces is a gem.


Open hours:  Opens 12 pm

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