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Berlin's Street Art Culture

Berlin is famous for its alternative culture. The buildings and structures in many areas are covered with graffiti, past ups, and murals. Although we admit much of it is pure chaos, there is a way to make sense of some of it. Below we will list some common Berlin Street Artists, and some of the better known areas and pieces of art. We also cover the diffrent ways and methods that are used to create Berlin’s street art.

The walls of the city are constantly changing. The emergence of street art on the popular scene has even scene business turn to this art form for advertisement. With artists from all over the world coming to use Berlin as their canvas, Berlin is a street art lovers dream. Click here for our othere posts on visiting Berlin

Types of Berlin Street Art


The massive mural works you see around the city are mostly legal and created in many different ways from artists around the world.

Paste Ups:

Similar to the posters around Berlin. Pasting a paper material directly onto a surface.


Cutting out a paper stencil, putting it on a surface and spray or Brushing around it to create a desired design.


The other main form of street art in Berlin.Using an art brush to paint directly on a surface.


This is usually a tag letters or unlegable shapes. Not normally art, unless letter art.

Spray Can:

One of the two main ways of creating street art. Using spray paint cans directly on a surface

Common Berlin Street Artists

Below, our list of commonly found artists and our favorites around Berlin. Some of these photos are from works no longer available sadly. However, we always hope to welcome a new artists into the mix any time. The streets are changing constantly. We try to let you know where the artist is from and link to their site or social page. If you think we missed one of your favorite Berlin artists let us know in the comments.

6er (Germany)

We start with a bit of a different type of street art. When walking around Berlin if you keep your eyes open, you will see 6ers work. His simple style of painting directly with a brush is easily recognized. Also his works are always LEGAL. Meaning he only pants on non permanent structures. He does not hide his identity and routinely posts videos online. His work is found on roadside trash, over posters, construction barriers, and boarded up windows.

ALICÉ Pasquini (Italy)

Alice doesn’t make her way to Berlin so often, but when she does she makes a splash. In 2012 she visited the city and illegally ‘donated’ around 25 pieces of art. Mostly in the districts of Friedrichshain and Kreuzberg. Of those 25 only about 7 still exist but as such is the existence of street art. In 2014 Alicé once again visited and spent 6 days painting a wall near to the East Side Gallery. It took about 8 months before the first tag appeared on this mural. A tag from Leon that was quite respectfully placed, covering very little detail.

She is an Italian artist based in Rome and active in the streets of Europe including Berlin. With ties to C215 she has taken her design and illustration talents previously learned in Europe and Australia to the streets. Her art depicts detailed characters with a focus on the strength of women. Her artworks are well placed and attractive to passers by. Artists Website: https://www.alicepasquini.com/

ALIAS (Germany)

This artists work is recognizable even without a tag. Working exclusively with stencils the placement of his work is always meaningful. Working with the environment around his work he often creates an action scene with a deeper meaning. Artist Websit: https://www.facebook.com/4L1A5/

Cranio (Brazil)

Cranio is one of my favorite street artists to pop up in Berlin. His unique blue characters are always amazing and usually funny. His creations represent the indigenous people of Brazil and can be found around the world in a multitude of situations. Above is our shot of the artist in action! Artist Website: http://cranioartes.com/

Mein Lieber Prost (Germnay)

“Prosties” are still found all over Berlin. This once very common artists paste ups, sticker art, and characters used to spring up in many Berlin districts. His main character found above became a Berlin street art symbol. The artists used to hold shows around town to raise money to pay fines he picked up while creating. His final Berlin exhibition ‘Whats Wrong Prost?’ took place at Urban Spree and was a celebration to the artist and all of his work. More original Prost work has not been scene in Berlin sense.

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