Best World War II Tours in Germany and Berlin

Best World War II Tours in Germany and Berlin

“We knew the world would not be the same. A few people laughed, a few people cried. Most people were silent.”

― J. Robert Oppenheimer.

World War 2

World War II is one of if not the biggest events to take place in modern history. It was certainly the largest conflict, and it traumatized and scared communities, economies, and continents. Now having just celebrated the 75th anniversary of the ending of the war we take a look at places, towns, and historical sights that can still be seen first hand. Experiencing any of the tours on our Best Germany World War Tours list is something quite different than watching films and documentaries (although we are fans of both.) Standing in the exact spot, seeing the scale of something up close, and putting yourself in the middle of a landscape that once hosted some of the worst acts of humanity can be overpowering. As with all wars, it is important to remember if for no other reason than to not repeat the same mistakes. We encourage everyone to experience history!
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With that, we get into our Best picks for German World War II Tours. As a disclaimer, we have of course added tours from our site. Our team of historians archeologists and other professionals have combined their professional work and years of tour guiding to make what WE definitely consider to be among the best (if not we would change them). You can check out all of our tours here


berlin tours battle damage

Berlin World War II Tour: History and Downfall of the Third Reich

This tour follows the events of Berlin from the rise of the Nazi empire to the downfall of the capital and the massive battle that took place. Major landmarks such as the Reichstag and Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church still carry visible battle damage. However, this tour digs in much deeper. With the help of local historians, archeologists and other professionals this tour finds bullet holes, mortar damage, and tracks the route of the battle through mostly still visible city scars.

Private Berlin Third Reich Bike Tour World War Sites & History

This tour is not for the quick and easy. This comprehensive tour spans over a large area of the city and is built for history buffs and those with a keen interest. The tour is lead by professionals and visits many of the most notable World War II sites in Berlin. Including,
Wilhelmstrasse, Soviet War memorial in Tiergarten, Humboldthain Flak Tower, Molkte Brücke, Site of Hitler’s Bunker, Former Luftwaffe HQ, Battleground sites related to the Battle of Berlin, Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe, and the Air raid bunker on Reinhardtstrasse
Sachsenhausen Tour Berlin

Sachsenhausen Tour with a Licensed Guide

A tour of any World War II Imprisonment camp can be a powerful experience. This tour more than most we would recommend booking a knowledgeable guide and when available with the proper license. Sachsenhausen was the first purpose-built concentration camp by the Third Reich and remained the closest to Berlin, the heart of the Third Reich, throughout the war. Making it also one of the most visited remaining sites. On this tour, you will learn how, when, and why the concentration camps and the system as a whole came into being and developed. It really is an emotional place for almost all who visit. Take a look at other Concentration Camp Memorials you can visit here.

Best World War Tours Other Parts of Germany

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Munich – Berchtesgaden and Eagle’s Nest Day Tour from Munich

This tour is exactly in Munich but it isn’t hard to get to, and it provides some amazing views of the Bavarian Alps. The history behind is well known and a trip to see the “Eagles Nest” is a journey to the top of the mountain Kehlstein to see The little house that was given as a present to Hitler by Martin Bormann and used as a holiday home.
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Ex-Nazi rally ground

Nuremberg Medieval Old Town and Nazi Rally Grounds Walking Tour

Nuremberg is a city absolutely full of history, and it certainly didn’t sit out during World War II. The sight of famous Nazi rallies and parade grounds was revisited after the war with the infamous post war Nuremberg Trials. Where many top Nazis where tried and later excited for war crimes. This tour delves into both, taking a visit to the Nazi rally grounds and charting the events of the 1930s. As well as walk through of how and where the trials took place.
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Munich WWII Combo: Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial Site and Third Reich Walking Tour

This is another rather long tour. That is because it is a combo. The tour starts in Munich where although there are not as many remnants of World War II as in Berlin, there is still plenty to see. Concentrating mainly on insight as to how the Third Reich’s rose to power. From there you take the short trip to the somber Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial. Like the Sachsenhausen tour above, this is a very moving place for many people.
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The Colossus of Prora – Rugen

We had to list this last one as it is definitely a hidden Gem. All the way up north in Germany by Stralsund / Rostock sticking out into the Baltic sea is the island of Rugen. A favorite holiday destination of Germans for many years. it was no different during WWII and the Nazis built a massive complex of buildings for a type of forced holiday commune.? Located right on the beach of the Baltic and now seemingly in the middle of nowhere, the mostly abandon town of buildings sits in an early quiet part of the island. Tours are available through the Prora Society, but anyone can walk up and have a look around. The best part about this tour is well… you are on an island in the Baltic. Enjoy some camping, hike a forest or take a ferry to Hiddensee where no cars are allowed. It is also defiantly worth getting on the water!
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