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A guide to Swimming in Berlin, lakes hidden spots, and pools!

OUR BERLIN SUMMER SWIMMING GUIDE!! Sunny days ahead mean hot S-bahns and a crowded city. So let’s hit the beach and get into some of Berlin’s surrounding lakes and hidden swimming holes. As always if your visiting and want to see some other cool parts of Berlin have a look at some of our expert tours. Ok, that’s out of the way now let’s get to the Berlin lakes!

Summer in Berlin, lakes and Swimming

So here it goes our Berlin Swimming Guide with some well-known and maybe some not so known swimming spots for what we hope as always will be a warm and sunny Berlin summer. 
Please help keep these areas of Berlin not only beautiful but also fun. Don’t be annoyingly drunk or loud and please pick up after yourself and respect the local community….BE COOL. You can find more about sustainable tourism in Berlin here.

Biggest & Most Popular Berlin lakes and swimming areas Guide

I throw myself down among the tall grade by the trickling stream and, as I lie close to the earth, a thousand unknown plants

Strandbad Wannsee & Muggelsee

Let’s start it off with both the giants. In the west you have Wannsee, and in the east, you Müggelsee. Both of these lakes are very well-known and popular destinations. Both offer some historic feels and great spots to catch some sun. Some areas here can get crowded but crowds can easily be avoided by taking the extra time to find a unique spot.

These are two of Berlin’s biggest lakes and although they attract massive amounts of people it is easy to enjoy yourself and ignore the crowds, it is not like catching some sun at Alexanderplatz, but the public beaches can get very crowded.

On a busy weekend, I would lean more towards Müggelsee. If it’s your first time to a lake here in Berlin both of these are good choices. They are just out of town, easy to get to, and easy to find. Plus the surrounding area offers all kinds of services from great food and beer gardens to boat rentals. Both lakes also have a historical background from old fishing villages to key points of history during world war two. There is a boat ferry to ride, and islands to explore. You will definitely find what you’re looking for on these two lakes.


Wannsee has been favorite hot weather getaway for Berliners for over 100 years! Many numbers of attractions attract people to this lake. For starters, it has over 1275 meters of sandy beaches. There are numerous areas for sunbathing on the beach and in the park. This place can accommodate over 30,000 people on a hot day, and it’s set up to handle them all.

Things to do at Wannsee

Many numerous sailboats can be seen all day long, boat rentals are also available. Any number of sports can be found here too from football to beach volleyball. It can get kind of crowded on a busy weekend but is still worth a visit. You can even take a ferry ride past peacock island, where dogs are prohibited and the calls of peacock birds can be heard well offshore. There are many great restaurants and food spots us here too so don’t worry about bringing food.

The beach is known as Europe’s largest swimming area on an inland body of water and located on the east side of the lake. That means it’s a 20 min train ride or 2 to 3-hour bike ride downtown Berlin. Although they no longer dived the beach between men, woman’s, and family, you can still feel the history here. The strandbad has played a roll in almost all of Berlins famous historical moments and has been declared a Cultural Heritage site. This is a family and friendly atmosphere!

Getting into Wannsee

You must pay to enter and once in are free to enjoy the lake! There is also plenty of other stuff to do at the Wannsee There’s Schinkel’s Glienicke Palace, peacock island, Max Liebermann’s villa, and the House of the Wannsee conference where the infamous “final solution” was planned.

Tourists are welcome and services (except the ferry tour recording) are in English as well as Deutsch. Other languages can be found in different places.

Time needed: 40 minutes.

How to Get to Berlin Wannsee

Take the Berlin S-Bahn
Take the S Bahn south towards Wannsee and take the S7 to the Nikolassee Bahnhof.

Get off at S-Bahn Stop Wansee
Get off your train here

Its a small walk through the woods to the beach.
walk from the S-bahn following the signs and most times other beach goers

Pay For Entry
Entry is 4.50€ or 8€ for a family card.
Wannsee requires that you buy tickets you can find out more on their website here.

If you get lost google this.
Wannseebadeweg 25, 14129 Berlin Zehlendorf


The Berlin Swimming Guide to Muggelsee is a bit tougher as the lake is massive. Located southeast of Berlin, this lake you can’t miss on the map. This lake boasts an impressive 7.4 square kilometres, a length of 4.3 kilometres and a breadth of 2.6 kilometres.

Things to do at MuggelSee

Ok so swimming in the Muggelsee presents numerous options. There is no longer any business operator there so there admission is free to Strandbad Müggelsee swimming area. The Friedrichshagen “seebad” is another area that offers a great sandy location for visitors. However locations are available all around the lake and you can even take a little ferry to the other side and chill out at beautiful little beer garden. For those looking to get a little bit more wild West of the Strandbad Müggelsee under the steep bank there is a nudist area.

Getting into MuggelSee

There is no longer an operator here so visits are free to the main swimming area.

Train S3 to, 60 tram • 45 min
Take the train from S+U Alexanderplatz Bhf to S Friedrichshagen S3 Take the line 60 tram from S Friedrichshagen to Berlin, Altes Wasserwerk [Ausstieg]
Bus • 1h 4m
Take the bus from Berlin, S+U Alexanderplatz Bhf/Memhardstr. to Berlin, Altes Wasserwerk N65
Taxi • 30 min
Take a taxi from Berlin to Großer Müggelsee 24.8 km 45€ – 60€
Drive • 30 min
Drive from Berlin to Großer Müggelsee 24.8 km

Where to Go Inner City City Swimming and
More Secluded Berlin Swimming Guide (sometimes)

Well both the lakes just mentioned are within a short train, bus, or driving distance. If you really don’t feel like heading too far out of the city there are a couple of inner-city spots that might suit you, and can sometimes offer even less traffic than the crowds sometimes found at the giants mentioned above.


Starting with Weissensee. Locate just north of Prenzlaurberg this inner-city lake offers a close getaway for locals and tourists alike. This lake found in Pankow used to be a district of itself and although extremely close to downtown Berlin is can still offer some seclusion. It is also a great place to bring the kids. North of the city the landscape tappers out quickly to lazy towns with old architecture full of parks, walking and biking trails. For the bikers out there this is a great place to start in Berlin.

Exploring Weissensee

The Weissen See or White Lake is located in the Northeast side of Berlin. This really is an inner-city beach. Complete with a white sandy beach, fountain, and even palm trees. The lake is surrounded by Weißenseer Park and offers up numerous beautiful areas. It really does feel like you have gone miles away from downtown Berlin. Perfect for BBQ’s, relaxing on the beach or under the palm trees, swimming, building sand castles, eating and drinking. The area has a spa for messages, a beach bar for drinks and some great restaurants. The feel is more of a Caribbean spa and is perfect for families.

Certain places along the beach can be crowded, but there is always somewhere in the area to relax and enjoy the sun with enough space. If your short on time but need to get outside this area could be perfect for those trapped in downtown Berlin on a hot day.

To get here take the either of these to Berliner Allee/Indira-Gandhi-Str. (Berlin)
trams 12, M1, M4 , M13
buses 255, 259, n50


Another well-kept area of Berlin and little know secret is the Flughafensee. Located at the old and abandon Tempelhof airport, this lake borders a nature reserve. Biking or hiking around the lake is not available unless at a distance. The area is great for a quick swim or sitting out and catching some rays. The area is not as well known as many others in Berlin and the locals like it this way so please respect the area and have fun. The lake is located somewhere on the grounds of the old airport if you don’t want to find it then SWEET!

Exploring Flughaffensee

The “Kleinen Tegler See” don’t tell anyone about this little slice of clean water located by the abandon Tegal airport. Not many locals know about this lake and certainly not any tourist. The water is super clean and it is almost never overcrowded. Running around the lake isn’t immediately possible. On the other side of the lake is a nature reserve and rightfully so! If your up for a little adventure on a nice day here in Berlin try the swimming spot here at Tegel airport. If you don’t feel like finding it than you don’t deserve to go!

You’re going to Otisstr Metro Station. ( Shortly before Tegel) and they’re running straight into the forest. Walk 20 minutes. If you park the car outside the forest, you do not save much more time.

The area is well maintained and we ask any visitors to help keep it that way. This Berlin secret is worth respecting!


For excursion and adventure lovers, this is the place to visit. If your willing to make a day of it and go a little bit further than the normal crowd check out this lake in what is considered to be some of the best scenic views in Brandenburg. This area north of Berlin is full of great parks and large areas of forested land. The lake is just north of where public transportation goes so by car or bike is the way to go. Make sure to check out the island beach!


Located in the Grunewald chain of lakes in southwest Berlin. Pristine water attracts large crowds on the weekend but during weekdays check this place out around 6 PM when the city shops and museums start shutting down. Surrounded by forests this is a very scenic place and also enjoyed by many fishermen.

Berlin Swimming Guide Exploring Schlachtensee

Water quality is high and the lake holds many numbers of fish species. Around the lake is seven-kilometer boardwalk allowing for some of Berlins best walking, or running. Found on the east bank of the lake is the Fisher Hut a heritage protected guesthouse with a beer garden and kids playground. This is also the place to come if you want to rent a boat or canoe. In the summer this is a great spot to join sunbathers and swimmers, or get in the water and rent a boat. On a nice day, this is the pretty top spot to avoid the heat and combustion of downtown Berlin. Feel free to bring a lunch or some drinks but please pick up after yourself and respect the environment and local community!

The Schlachtensee is located close to Steglitz-Zehlendorf in the middle of the forest, between Krumme Lanke and Wannsee the south west of Berlin. The best access is by taking the S1 to the appropriately named Schlachtensee station. The area is beautiful and surrounded by Paul Ernst park, a welcome escape from the city.

Krumme lanke

Located in Zehlendorf Berlin. This lake is very convenient for a quick swim or to escape the city. Usually less crowded than its neighbor Schlachtensee this is the place to go on the weekend even though it can still itself get crowded.


Located next to Wannsee this is a nice option for those who have been to Wannsee or find it too crowded.

Ploetzensee Beach

Located in Wedding this Berlin lake is actually closer than most to the inner city. It has a rich history and offers a great escape from the local city life. Crowds can get big on summer weekends, but the surrounding area is amazing and the water quality is high. This is also a great spot to fish!
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