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Alright, here we go with Berlins best commonly found beer. I should stress that these are the beers that we are most commonly drinking here in Berlin. Therefore it does not include craft beers and super hidden gems or similar brews. Stop worrying though, those Berlin Beers will be covered in a different article. 

Also, there are literally hundreds of beers in Berlin we are just trying to sort through the most commonly drank!! Well 

without further a due here is what the standard Berliner is drinking from Pankow to Potsdam and every Kreuzberg in between. Visiting Berlin? Check out our one of a kind History and Berlin Beer Tour.

Most Common Berlin Beer Guide & Costs

Berlin beer Guide
Types of beer, to be honest we don’t get too creative with beer type its mostly Pilsner but some others are commonly consumed as well! Ohh and remember we don’t mess around here most beers come in half liters! For those from the U.S.A. that is some amount of “ounces” you tell me what an ounce is and I’ll tell you how many are in half a liter!!!!
Below is our guide to the Berlin beers you will most likely find in pubs and Spatis!

Category € (Most inexpensive Berlin Beers)


We had to start this category off with the king of cheap beers here in Berlin. From the buskers to the poor student, and broke expats. Everyone has found themselves with but penny’s in their pockets or perhaps just buzzed enough to venture to the dark side of beer drinking. Many locals will tell you how much they hate this beer however everyone says the same about McDonald’s and yet there they are always lined up to get the BigMac. Same story here, its available at every SpätKauf (late-night shop) Sternberg is Berlin’s Poor Man's Brew. In fact, a quick super factual Wikipedia check says that up to 20015 this beer had a 9.5% market share in East Germany, and since we are making up stats id say it is well over the 10% market share in X-berg! (usually not available in clubs and bars) Check out their website here.

Berliner Pilsner

Just a small step up in price gets you in the range of this home town Brew. Famous for the Berlin Bear found on the label this beer sponsors many things in Berlin and its apparel can be found all over many local bars. It was originally founded in 1902. During the time of the GDR, this was the drink of choice for most people in East Berlin, after reunification, the Berlin Beer rebranded and continues to be stable for Berlin beers. This really can be found at most bars in Berlin. Besides that is one of my favorite logos with the Berlin Bear in front of the Reichstag dome. For those familiar with U.S. beers this is the Budweiser of Berlin and sponsors many sports events. Check out their website here.

Berliner Kindle

So the arch-enemy of Berliner Pilsner (not really same Brewery) is Berliner Kindle. It is pretty similar to Berliner Pilsner almost exact same price a quality. Also found all over Berlin in many of the bars and clubs. It also sponsors the Berlins handball team and many other events in Berlin. The difference between the two……well not sure, they are brewed in different places in Berlin and you can take a tour of the Kindle brewery so there’s that. Check out their website here.


Alright sorry to say this is my least favorite of the inexpensive beers, including Sternberg. If your wondering yes it is because it is owned by Anheuser-Busch, and I am just not a fan of the taste. That being said it is quite cheap and readily available at most places in Berlin however not at bars and most clubs. So to find it head to a spätkauf or supermarket. In recent years the brand has suffered a little and I’m not a professional marketer but the double S in the middle of the name does not help in my mind! Well enough bashing in all honestly it is probably not any better or worse than any other beer in this category. Check out their website here.

Lidl Beer

Ok so I just lumped in all beer that is available for purchase at Lidl supermarkets. Although there are many,, you can always tell a Lidel beer by its trademark plastic container. (not found with almost all other German beer) You may be thinking ohh so this beer is shit…..nope some people swear by the quality and I must say it isn’t half bad. Give it a shot if you find it!

Category €€ ( Good and not too expensive Berlin Beers)


This is the flagship beer of the Radeberger brewing company. During the communist days of East Germany, this beer was not available to the west. After reunification, the beer was obviously made available to all of Berlin and has since made a name for itself. In fact, Charlie Sheen can be seen drinking it and appears to be the favorite beer of the character Charlie Harper in the TV series Two and a Half Men. Also, Vladimir Putin, during his days as a KGB agent in Dresden in 1980s, especially enjoyed the beer. Check out their website here.


Warsteiner is Germany’s largest privately owned brewery and ranks 4th among best selling brewery’s. Their staple product is the self-named pilsner. I would definitely say that this beer is a step above some other pilsners commonly found in Berlin and has an awesome name so drink it up! Not so commonly found in clubs and bars, however, some do offer it! Check out their web site here.


This beer is a little less carbonated which makes some people love it and some people hate it. That said some good friends buy this all time so it just what you prefer. Also, it is rare to find this beer stocked by very many bars or clubs, so to try it hit a supermarket or some spätkaufs. Check out their website here.


Alright, I am sure that almost everyone knows Becks as it is one of the most commonly exported beers from Germany. However, I think you will find that the international crowd may love them some Becks. Here in Berlin, many have a slightly negative attitude towards this massive brand. What can I say we aren’t the type to follow big business and in fact, it can be quite off-putting. Anyway, Becks is coming in here on our list, however, don’t expect to see it all over bars and clubs like in some places. Largest markets for Beck’s outside Germany are the United Kingdom, the USA, Italy, Australia, Ukraine, Romania, and Russia. Check out their web site here.


This is the main product of the Danish brewing company and a major export for Denmark. Most people have heard of this beer, but if you have not it is worth trying. This can be found in some bars and restaurants. Check out their website here.


This is the first Weizen beer to be brewed outside of Bavaria. Sometimes called the “the champagne among wheat beers.” This is far and away the most popular Hefeweizen beer in Berlin. Commonly found in restaurants and bars if you feel like having something other than a pilsner here is your best option. This beer is slightly citrusy, and can also be found in different flavors. Check out their website here.

Category €€€ ( Mostly real Good and expensive Berlin Beers)


This is Berlin’s cult beer. Mostly famous in neighboring Hamburg, this beer is still readily found all over Berlin. The only knock against it is that it comes in much smaller bottles and still cost more than most other beers. Well, you pay for quality and many people love this beer. It has a rich history and I’m not sure what the German purity law states but it lists an extra ingredient of LOVE, as it comes from the heart of Hamburg……which I have no problem drinking! Check out their website here.

Pilsner Urquell

Urquell is a bottom-fermented beer from our beer loving neighbors. Also, it is THE FIRST ever pilsner to be brewed….ya that’s pretty cool so shell out some extra cash for this legend. Its like drinking history and this history will get you buzzed so learn and have fun at the same time. This beer is hoppier than most pilsners and is very enjoyable! The added price is because of the brewing process which limits its sales to mostly keg form. However, here in Berlin, we have the distinct advantage of getting in bottle form. Enjoy! Check out their website here.


This is from the second biggest brewery in the Czech Republic. It is also one of my favorites found here in Berlin. If the Czech’s do something great it’s making Pilsner beer so I would highly suggest giving this a shot! Check out their website here.


This beer is one of the best selling in the Czech Republic and exports into more than 60 countries across all continents. However, it has changed its name in most other continents due to the Anheuser–Busch company making a beer of the same name that tastes like shit. In Germany, it’s the second most sold imported lager. First in Austria and the best selling Czech beer in the U.K. It is sold in North America under the name Czechvar. So yes the American company gets to use the name for no reason (only in North America) while the Czech company uses the name because it’s the name of the town where it is brewed….go figure. Anyway, this beer is really tasty!!!! Check out their website here.


FINALLY!! So here is what many people here would call one of their favorite beers. Established in wait for it………….. 1328……making it just a few years older than me. It is Munich’s oldest independent brewery. This is easily one of Germanys favorite beers and Berlin is no different. In fact, Augustine does not even have a marketing department!! They sell t-shirts, beer mugs, and caps at the brewery…other than that this beer is the peoples choice by word of mouth. “Bud light suck it.” Many people in Munich call this the last local brew found in the town, only in the last few years has it spread to Berlin and now many bars and clubs offer this German delight!! If you have a chance give one a try or maybe two or twelve…up to you!! Check out thier website here.


This a tequila flavored beer. Yep, you read that right. Not only that it’s awesome. This beer is famous in all of Germany and Berlin is no different. I would describe it as having a tequila shot but enjoying it in the length of a beer. Launched in 1996 you can find this beer everywhere in Berlin. Many bars might not sell it but if they don’t you should request it by name because we all know tequila gets the job done! Check out their website here.

Visiting Berlin? Check out our one of a kind History and Berlin Beer Tour.

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