How to Spend 48 Hours, Visiting Berlin

Visiting Berlin for a weekend
Our guide on what to do when you have one weekend or 48 hours to visit Berlin. Where to stay and what to do and see in the German capital.

The Best Areas to stay in Berlin

Getting to your hotel
Getting into the city from either of Berlin’s airports is easy enough. There is public transportation both by bus and train. We suggest getting on the S-Bahn just make sure you get an A-B-C zone ticket as the airports are located in zone C.
If you came by train into any other stations (Hauptbahnhof, and Gesundbrunnen) Jump on the S Bahn with a simple A-B ticket.

There is no need to get a car in Berlin just get to your hotel and your set with public transport.

The Best for A Strict Budget

If you are on a strict budget check out places in Friedrichshain. This locally popular district is just east of Alexanderplatz and offers some of the best deals we have heard of. You can also check out some of the areas by the zoo close to kudam.

See the Most the Fastest​

This one is fairly easy. Anything in Mitte will do quite nicely here. The Public transportation all runs through Mitte, and many of Berlin’s most visited highlights and areas are here too.

The Safest Bet when it all booked or Busy

Well, sometimes Berlin gets pretty full. Whether it’s an event weekend or just a busy summer weekend. Make sure to look up one of the hundreds of hostels as they often offer private rooms as well and not all of them list online. In a pinch call places up and when they are full ask if they know any places with a room!

The best to get Immersed in Local Culture

This could be any district but if you’re looking for a place with maybe a bit fewer tourists than the middle of Mitte. You can look at some places in Kreuzburg for an urban look at Berlin and Prenzlauerberg for a bed and breakfast neighborhood type of feel.

What to Do in Berlin

Berlin offers so many things to visitors that many people come here with different goals in mind about how to spend their time. We will try to cover some of the most popular things.

History, Highlights & Landmarks

Berlin is filled with history, monuments, art, and amazing buildings. It would take years to see it all but there are some good ways to get a start and some things that everyone wants to see. We would always suggest jumping on an expert tour as you can see the most in the shortest amount of time. An expert guide will not only lead you through the city to the major areas but also point out some amazing history and sights along the way you might have missed. If you are going solo, start in Mitte as you can see the most for the first time there. Here is a list of “some” of the most visited landmarks you should also see.

olympiastadion berlin park

Outside of Mitte

Outside of Mitte and the above-mentioned Major landmarks, there is still plenty to see. A trip to Schloss Charlottenburg is a good way to relax and get out of the dense crowds. Visit some beautiful green spaces that we will list below, or find an event that going on in the city. There are hundreds of historic places to see and thousands of museums and memorials. This site the museum portal lists them all. Oh and don’t forget about the food and drink in the city. We will get into that later in the post!
volkspark berlin freidrichshain

Quick Day Trips

Berlin also offers many quick half-day getaways. You can take a quick trip out to Wannsee or Mugelsee for a swim (Check out our full Berlin Swimming Guide Here) Or head down to the royal city of Potsdam and check out all the castles. A tour would help you see it all quickly, but you can also walk around yourself. You can also head north on a Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp Memorial Tour. We don’t know if your 48 hours would allow for any of these but they are all great things to do when visiting Berlin.

Berlin Culture is one of Kind

When exploring the city you may notice some unique things. From our massive wall murals to our uniquely Berlin urban areas. We highly suggest actively searching some of these areas out because it’s what makes Berlin so great.

Street Art–

Street art is everywhere in Berlin. Many of the most famous street artists known today have worked the walls of Berlin. We suggest taking a street art tour with a guide who knows where it’s all at, but you can also explore solo, we suggest starting in Kreuzberg.

Other Art–

 Berlin has hundreds of art galleries, museums, and live art events. If your looking for a particular type google is your best friend there. but check out Berlin Art Link for what’s going on during your visit. They do a great job of offering a starting point to the immense Berlin art scene.

Green Spaces, Nature, Parks, & Gardens-

Berlin loves to be creative with its space, especially green space. There are so many beautiful places to see in Berlin that trying to see them all would be overwhelming. rather take note of where some are and if your find yourself in the area have a look. here’s a small list of some of our favorites.
Princess Garden
Cafe am Neun See
Humboldthain Rose Garden
Garten Der Welt
Monbilou Park
Korner Park
48 Hours Visiting Berlin

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