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Explore Berlin with our visit Berlin collection of posts! This city is filled with history, hidden places, and amazing landmarks. Below are some of our posts to help you find your way around this city. For tourists and Berlin locals we post Know before you go information and also hidden areas and other things to do in Berlin! We are a collection of locals active in a variety of different Berlin historical, cultural, and social networks. So check back for posts on just about everything Berlin.

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Our Visit Berlin Posts

48 Hours, Visiting Berlin for a Weekend

48 HOURS In Berlin Visiting Berlin for a weekend Our guide on what to do when you have one weekend or 48 hours to visit Berlin. Where to stay and what to do and see in the German capital. 48 Hours in Berlin The Best Areas to stay in Getting to your hotel Getting into…

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birchys berln tours guide to parks

Berlin Parks: The Best Guide to Exploring & Relaxing

Berlin Parks: The Best Guide to Exploring & Relaxing Birchys Berlin Tours ultimate Berlin Park Guide. Berlin is known as a city full of green areas, parks, and creative use of land. In this post, we explore these “green spaces” and give a little insight into some you might come across. Berlin Parks —— The…

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bernauer straße, construction of the wall, 13 august 1961-113173.jpg

The Best Places to see the Berlin Wall

A guide to places you can still visit and see remnants of the Berlin Wall The Berlin wall construction started in 1961 and its destruction didn’t begin until 1989. That 28 years the wall divided the city. The Wall’s story started in the 1950s when East Germany like many others in the Soviet-controlled Eastern Bloc…

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Best World War II Tours in Germany and Berlin

Best World War II Tours in Germany and Berlin World War II is one of if not the biggest events to take place in modern history. It was certainly the largest conflict, and it traumatized and scared communities, economies, and continents. Now having just celebrated the 75th anniversary of the ending of the war we…

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Berlin Beer guide and beers of Berlin

The Berlin Beer Guide & Common Beers in Berlin

Alright, here we go with Berlins best commonly found beer. I should stress that these are the beers that we are most commonly drinking here in Berlin. Therefore it does not include craft beers and super hidden gems or similar brews. Stop worrying though, those Berlin Beers will be covered in a different article. Also,…

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Visit Berlin with Birchys Berlin Tours

Sustainable Tourism Berlin

Sustainable tourism is defined as the concept of visiting somewhere as a tourist and trying to make a positive impact on the environment, society, and economy. For visiting Berlin this means how you use transportation, what accommodation you choose, what food and drink you buy, and what activities you do. Berlin Declaration On“Transforming Tourism” In…

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know before you go moabit Berlin Hidden history

Know Before You Go: Moabit

Even though Berlin itself is not that old a city by European standards Moabit is even younger. It is thought that the first settlers here were the French Protestant Huguenot refugees 300 years ago and by the late-19th Century it had developed industrially and residentially into what we would recognize today. After the Post-War division…

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explore berlin street art bossa faktata

Exploring Berlin Street Art

Berlin is famous for its alternative culture. The buildings and structures in many areas are covered with graffiti, past ups, and murals. Although we admit much of it is pure chaos, there is a way to make sense of some of it. Below we will list some common Berlin Street Artists, and some of the…

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berlin mauerfall 30th year celebration

Mauerfall: Berlin Celebrates the Fall of the Wall

Mauerfall is a special day in all of Germany. This celebration marks the anniversary of the Berlin Wall Collapse. It is important to note that the national holiday the “Day of German Reunification” is celebrated on October 3. This is the day that formal reunification took place. The actual day that the wall came down was November…

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Berlin Tours and events Booking

Know Before You Go: Brandenburg Gate

The Brandenburg Gate is one of a select few structures and buildings in Berlin that needs no introduction. Also, no trip to Berlin would be complete without seeing it. It is one of the most iconic structures in Europe, if not the world. It has been the silent witness to many of the critical historical…

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Niederkirchner berlin wall tour

The Other, Original, Berlin Wall

What if you were told there was another Berlin Wall that no-one visits? There are very few first-time visitors to Berlin who leave the city without seeing the Berlin Wall. That cold, grey, concrete fault-line between East and West, Communist and Capitalist, dictatorship and democracy……the defining symbol of the Cold War. Maybe you would think…

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