Private Birth of Berlin Tour: Medieval and Prussian History

With Expert Guide

Private Birth of Berlin Tour: Medieval and Prussian History

Come explore ancient history with us as we go way back on The Birth of Berlin: Medieval and Prussian History Tour.


Starting at the Stadtmodelle Exhibition we will use the incredible models there to give you the early story of Berlin and show how the city developed and expanded over time.
After that, we head into what was, and what remains of the medieval city of Berlin. Visiting former archaeological sites and also the surviving physical remnants of the city that survived the many times that Berlin has been destroyed. We will see the original Berlin Wall, the 13th defensive wall which surrounded the city, the ruins of the Franciscan Monastery and stroll through the ‘medieval’ St Nicolas’s quarter before heading to what was the core of the imperial city, the Museum Island.

Birth of Berlin Tour: Medieval and Prussian History

There have been many Berlin’s (in the 20th Century alone) but if you are interested in a unique tour looking at the overlooked history of the city, then Join Birchy on this one-of-a-kind tour. We looking at how Berlin became Berlin. From Slavic fishing settlement to frontier Christian medieval city. From cultural-backwater to the power base of the Kingdom of Prussia. Come experience a one of kind Berlin MedievalTour

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