Divided Berlin

Berlin Wall Tour: The Cold War and behind the Wall

The Berlin Wall and the Divided City.

Join us on this one-of-a-kind New Berlin Cold War Tour and Behind the Berlin Wall. This tour is designed by local experts and professionals and is the only one of its kind!

Our Guides have led hundreds of tours on the Berlin Wall Tours, and we have molded this tour from years of tour guiding experience and personal research.
Whether you are a history buff yourself or just a curious traveler, we don't think you will be disappointed. We will cover the Who, the Why, the When and the how and see how this history is relevant today.

Start Time

Meet your awesome guide at 10:00 Am

Total Time

3 Hours, Easy Walking Pace with stops

Meeting Point

Outside Hopfingerbrau by the Brandenburger Tor Ebertstr. 24 10117 Berlin

Whilst not the highest, the widest nor the longest, the Berlin Wall is probably the most famous of them all. And no trip to Berlin would be complete without visiting it and the other significant sites associated with it.

The period following World War II left Germany divided and eventually lead to the forming of East and West Germany. Nowhere is this more apparent than in Berlin.

We will cover the fascinating period between the Second World War and the construction of the Berlin Wall when the uncomfortable alliance between the Soviets and Western Allies finally shattered, heralding the beginning of the Cold War.

  • what led to the construction of the wall?
  • what led to its fall?
  • what life was like on both sides of the Berlin Wall?

We also look at the many varied and ingenious ways people escaped and visit a number of the specific escape spots.

The Berlin Wall Tour, East & West Berlin

Unmistakable, the Berlin Wall was the defining symbol of the Cold War and marked the line in the sand between democracy and dictatorship, capitalism and communism in Berlin.

Berlin Wall Tour: The Cold War and behind the Wall tour Visits

  • The Berlin Wall Memorial
  • Checkpoint Charlie
  • Wall Fragment on Niederkirchnerstrasse
  • Stories and history of escapes
  • Former House of the Ministries
  • Watch Tower on Erna-Berger Strasse
  • Potsdamer Platz
  • So much More

We will see the complexities of the memorialization of the Wall and how the division of Germany and Berlin still impacts the country today.

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26€ Spaces Limited

Meeting Point: Fri, & Sun @ 10:00 AM
Outside Hopfingerbräu
Ebertstr. 24, 10117 Berlin
(This is right next to the Brandenburg Gate)

We believe we have crafted this tour to be the best available in Berlin. Spaces are limited please reserve ahead!
For Private Group Tours of The Berlin Wall & Cold War Berlin Head Here

For general information on the Berlin wall memorial, you can head over to their main website here, or check out our post on the Original Berlin Wall.

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