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Welcome to Berlin Tours, your premier tour company in the vibrant city of Berlin! We offer a wide range of exciting and memorable experiences that capture the true spirit of Berlin. From guided walking tours of iconic landmarks such as the Berlin Wall and Checkpoint Charlie to excursions to the world-famous Potsdam, we have something for everyone. check out our Private Berlin Tours.

Explore Berlin Tour: History and Highlights

Complete Highlights & History Berlin Sightseeing Tour! This one-of-a-kind Berlin highlights walking tour is your best way to see the must-see sights of Berlin. Learn the history of the city, and how to get around. From the battle of Berlin in World War II to the Berlin Wall and modern-day Berlin. This city tour is packed with Berlin’s best landmarks, sights, and history.

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Berlin Third Reich Tour: Sites & History of World War Berlin

Capital of the Nazis in World War 2, Berlin still holds many scars, buildings, and historical sights from the worst war the world has ever seen.

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Historic Pubs of Berlin & Berlin Beer Tour

If you like history and you like beer then this is the tour for you. Join Birchy or one of his team on this unique Historic Berlin Pubs & Berlin Beer Tour.

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Berlin Wall Tour: The Cold War and Behind the Wall

Join us on this one of a kind New Berlin Cold War Tour and Behind the Berlin Wall. This tour is designed by local experts and professionals and the only of its kind!

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Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp Tour With Licensed Guide

Join us for an in-depth one of a kind visit to Sachsenhausen! This is the Birchy's Berlin's Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp Memorial Tour.

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Our tours are in small groups to ensure a personal experience and make sure everyone can ask questions and keep up with our enthusiastic guides.
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Passionate People

Expert Guides

Our team is truly one of a kind. A group of historical and cultural-obsessed professionals in Berlin who love to show off their favorite city.
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One-of-a-Kind Top Rated Tours

So much goes into creating all of these tour offerings. We have created what we think are the best in the city over years of exploring, networking, studying, and our FAVORITE, listening to you our guests.

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We support sustainable tourism, to see what we are doing and what you can do to help, head over to our post on sustainable tourism Berlin. If you need some more info on visiting Berlin you can head over to our post on Visit Berlin, they include tips and know before you go guides to some of Berlin’s most visited areas. If you have any questions or comments for us you can email us at

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