Micro-Brewery and Berlin Craft Beer Tour

A Berlin Tour Experience that is everything Beer!

Join us for a Berlin Beer experience on our Micro Brewery and Berlin Craft Beer Tour. New and old, it’s Craft Beer Berlin!

This microbrewery Berlin Craft Beer Tour is jam-packed with great Berlin partners and of course the great Beer in Berlin. Our local expert guides will lead the group to multiple beer manufacturing bars, brew houses, and Berlin craft beer pubs. The history of the suds runs deep here in Berlin with many local pubs still making their own brand. Combined with the recent boom in craft beer and there are plenty of original beers of all kinds available here in Berlin. With that said come with us and as we walk through the city exploring Berlin Brews.

  • 3+ Berlin Micro Brewery and local Craft Beer Houses. We have partnered up with some of our favorite and local Berlin beer makers and pubs. Depending on the day and local events we change the route to make this tour awesome every time.
  • Multiple samples at each venue with the history of the Beer and the people that make it. The Germans have been making beer for hundreds of years and some of the beers on this tour have been around for a long time.
  • The history of Berlin Beer, as with many towns in Germany some of the most common beers are brewed right here in Berlin and carry the city or district’s name. This tradition has carried on through all of the cities hardships
  • The modern Berlin Beer scene! We don’t just want to show you the past, we want you to also experience the booming craft beer and microbrewery scene going on all over Berlin!
  • SO MUCH MORE!! We know we have the best guides and partners in the city, they love to show off and each one has her or his own way of doing so!
The Michigan IPA at Two Fellas Brewery
House Brew at Marcusbrau Berlin
Craft beer Tour Berlin
Arminiusmarkethalle Berlin

This Brewery and Craft Beer Berlin Tour is coming back soon. We are working with our Berlin partners and the city is slowly starting to reopen after the Covid-19 Pandemic. We will bring all our culinary berlin tours back to you as soon as it is safe to do so. You can check out all of our Berlin Beer Tours here.

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