Birchy’s Berlin Tours: Historic Pubs of Berlin & Berlin Beer

Historic Pubs of Berlin & Berlin Beer Tour

Visit the famous pubs of Berlin filled with history and sample the famous Berlin Beers

If you like history and you like beer then this is the tour for you. Join Birchy or one of his team on this unique Historic Berlin Pubs & Berlin Beer Tour.

Sample some of the most notable beers in Berlin from old classics to craft beers brewed on site, whilst visiting some of the lesser-known historical sites in Berlin and getting an overview of the incredible history of the city.

Visiting at least 4 pubs bars whilst walking around what was medieval Berlin. We will stop at some of the historic places where famous historical figures once stopped in for some suds. From the pub where Napoleon sat and drank when he took over the city in 1806, to famous pubs bombed down in world war II.

This tour is truly one of a kind and one of our favorites to run. We have created a great network of local partners to truly make this Historic Berlin Pub Tour a one of kind experience!

The Historic Berlin Pubs & Berlin Beer Tour Includes:

  • 3 -4 of Berlin's Most Historic Pubs
  • Great Beer tastings and History of Beer in Berlin
  • Local expert Historian Guide pointing out all the surrounding history, Local legends, & stories like never before!
  • Food sampling along the way at some of our pubs!
  • One of a kind trek through history with a stable of community the humble pub!

We might cross the River Spree and wet your whistle and hear the story of the 1919 revolution in the site of, what was a stronghold of the Volksmarinedivision. And /Or head to the Nikolaiveirtal the core of medieval Berlin and sample the fantastic beers brewed on-site in traditional German pub breweries. Come explore historic Berlin through the Pubs that have stood the test of time!

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