Private Berlin Wall Bike Tour & Cold War Berlin

Private Berlin Wall Bike Tour

Get on a trusty bike and come with us back in history with the Berlin Wall Bike Tour & Cold War Berlin. Our expert guides have combed the city to bring you the very best history, sights, & landmarks from the time of the Berlin Wall. With a degree in history or a related field, we will try to make history come to life with this truly unique bike tour available nowhere else.

Explore the Berlin Wall and the Cold War Berlin

23 Oct 2019
From the start of the division of the city to the remaining scars still scene today. The east vs west build-up played out in Berlin over decades and with an expert eye, there is history around every corner of this city.
From life in the DDR to desperate escape attempts. The tale of two cities plays out as we visit many Berlin wall sights and landmarks

Berlin Wall And Cold War Bike Tour Hilights

The Berlin Wall Memorial


Checkpoint Charlie


Wall Fragment on Niederkirchnerstrasse


Stories and history of escapes


Former House of the Ministries


Watch Tower on Erna-Berger Strasse


Potsdamer Platz


So much More


Pick up at hotel or Meeting Point

If you have indicated a hotel pickup, Our guide will arrive at the hotel for the pickup 5 minutes prior to the tour. PLEASE IGNORE OTHER MEETING POINT INFO if you have selected pick up at the hotel.

Meeting Point

Meeting Point:
Outside Hopfingerbräu
Ebertstr. 24, 10117 Berlin
(This is right next to the Brandenburg Gate)
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