Birchy’s Berlin Tours: Historic Pubs of Berlin & Berlin Beer

Historic Pubs of Berlin & Berlin Beer Tour

Historic Beer and History tour of Berlin, taking around 4 hours. Guests will be led through some of the oldest and most historic parts of the city, starting from the 13th century mediaeval city right up until the fall of the Berlin wall and German reunification. Along the way, guests will get to sample some local beers in historic locations while learning about the development and history of the oldest part of the city.

Historic Berlin

Stroll through the Berlin old town, beer in hand, and discover some of the oldest and most historic pubs, streets and squares in the city.

One of a kind Tour

This tour could be marketed as an “off the beaten track” or “alternative” tour for people who like beer, the history of beer, mediaeval history or local history away from all the big tourist destinations.
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Historic Berlin Pubs & History Tour

Like history? Like beer? Then this is the tour for you. Join one of our expert guides on this unique Old Berlin Beer and History Tour where we combine stories one of the oldest parts of Berlin alongside German beer culture and history.

In the course of the tour we will meander through the remnants of the Mediaeval city of Berlin, have a beer in the same tavern where Napoleon drank, learn about the history of German beer such as the Rheinheitsgebot - the 500 year old German beer purity law, get a beer from a Spätkauf (corner store) and visit Berlin’s oldest microbrewery. The history of Berlin spans 800 years and the history of beer in Germany over 1000! These stories are woven together in a 3.5-4 hour tour unlike any other in the city.

This tour is a unique blend of history and beer in an often overlooked but historically rich part of Berlin city centre, making the Old Berlin Beer and History Tour a one of a kind experience!

The Historic Pubs and Berlin History Tour includes:

Visit the famous pubs of Berlin filled with history and sample the famous Berlin Beers

* 3 of Berlin's most historic pubs

* Beer tastings and history of beer in Germany and Berlin

* Local expert Guide pointing out all the surrounding history, legends & stories in the oldest part of Berlin

* German food sampling recommendations

* Learn about some of the most important events in Germany’s history - the origins of Berlin, the German Revolution of 1919, the bombing of Berlin and the Napoleonic Invasion of 1806

* Recommendations for some of the best historical pubs and craft breweries in Berlin along with a crash course in the history of brewing in the city.

* Visit to a Spätkauf, a very Berlin drinking experience

Booking Your Tour

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This Berlin Beer tour last aorund 4 hours, and is on foot

Meeting Point

In front of the main entrance of the Marienkirche, : Karl-Liebknecht-Str. 8, 10178 Berlin
This is by the TV Tower at Alexander

Tour Times

Start Time: 13:00

Endtime: 16:30-17:00

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