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Berlin Transportation can be difficult for some new guests. Whether you’re looking for airport transfers, private transport around Berlin, or transport on a day trip like Potsdam or the Sachsenhausen Memorial, we can help you get around!

Birchys Berlin Group Tour & Event Services-min

We have helped, supported, and guided many groups and events in getting transportation to and in Berlin.

We can support small personal excursions and groups of hundreds. Our local experts have worked with all kinds of Berlin Transport and logistics for events and tours.

  • Small Groups 2-6 People
  • Medium Sized Groups 7-15 People
  • Large Groups 16- 78 people
  • Multi vehicle groups 79 - XXX people
  • Choose the best transport or multiple transportation style for your group
  • Get the best advice for your Berlin Transportation

For more help and other ways to make your group trip to Berlin amazing, you can have a look at some of our other one-of-a-kind services in Berlin! If your visiting the city and have other questions and needs that we can help you out with, have a look at the official visit Berlin webpage or contact us. (email found at the bottom of this page or in our about us section.

It is possible to arrange driving tours in Berlin when possible, however for typical History or City tours this may not be the best way to see the sights and get around. Berlin has heavy traffic in the city center and parking is nearly impossible in some areas. Beyond that, some areas are not accessible by car. This is why we offer many of our tours on foot or by bike. For great places to visit by car check out our Berlin day Trips.

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