Birchy's Berlin Christmas Market Tour

Join us for a one of a kind trip to the famous Berlin Christmas Markets.

A one of a kind tour in Berlin for Christmas

It’s Berlin Christmas and time to warm up with a Berlin Christmas Market Tour!

Berlin Christmas Market Tour

Join us on our Berlin Christmas Market Tour as we travel the city and visit some of Berlin’s Best Christmas Markets. Berlin has a famous and old tradition of setting up these markets all over the city this time of the year. As with any good local, we always look out for the best ones to head out to. So grab a gluhwein (if your old enough) and come with us as we celebrate everything Berlin Christmas.
3+ Berlin Christmas market hand-picked by our local expert guides. Christmas markets appear in the same area every year, but sometimes things change around or there is a special event or setup going on. We are on top of it!

Heaps of Christmas history in Germany and Berlin. These Christmas markets are not new and as with everything else in Berlin, the history is around every corner!

A small culinary tale of the common snacks & drinks that you can find at these markets with free samples!! Some traditions are just best unchanged!

A one of a kind experience with one of our local guides. But don’t worry not only are they one of the best in Berlin, but all our guides also partake in making this tour, as this is a Birchys Favorite and we want to make it the best Berlin Christmas Experience!
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