A Walking Tour of Berlin’s Magical Light Show

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Berlin Festival of Lights Tour

The New Edition October 7- 16 2022
Sustainable, innovative and with 75% less power consumption!

Every autumn in Berlin, a one of kind magical experience. See Berlin’s landmarks light up during the amazing spectacle that is the Berlin Festival of Lights Tour.
This year is extra special with a new edition of the festival that does justice to the responsible use of scarce resources.

Join us for a night out on the town in Mitte Berlin. This, however, is not just any night. This is the Berlin Festival of Lights Tour. We will head off to some of Berlin’s most well-known landmarks and follow the path of lights! Many of the buildings along the way are light up with magical light shows and light art. Some move, some create scenes, and others offer full video. Our expert guides lead the way as they point out the history and legends and meanings behind the magic.

Find out more about this years new sustainability from an interview with Birgit Zander
Birchy”s Berlin Tours is an official 2022 Light partner!!!

This tour covers many of the areas and buildings that participate in the Festival of Lights. The group will stop and have plenty of time to snap pictures and learn about the history and hidden things in the area. Many of the buildings have shows that play on a repeated time so we will be sure to catch those as well!


This is truly a unique way to see some of Europe’s most iconic historic buildings and landmarks. Our local Berlin guides will be there to point out all the hidden history not seen to the normal visitor. This tour is packed with history, light shows, landmarks, and Berlin magic. This is one of our favorite tours all year!


• 10 festival days
• 35 venues
• 70 artworks by international artists
• 75% less power consumption compared to last year
• Use of the most modern & economical lighting technology
• 100% green electricity from renewable energy sources

  • Full tour of the festival of lights in Mitte
  • Alexanderplatz & the TV Tower
  • Museum Island
  • The Brandenburg Gate
  • Humboldt University
  • Local Legends and History
  • All the Berlin Festival of Lights Buildings along the way
  • Best Photo Opportunity in Berlin

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23€ Spaces Limited

Meeting Point: October 7 – 16 @ 7:00 PM

Outside Hopfingerbräu
Ebertstr. 24, 10117 Berlin
(This is right next to the Brandenburg Gate)

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