Guided Berlin Trips

Fully Guided Berlin Trip Hosting

Experience the best of Berlin with a custom designed trip!

Get the best out of your Berlin Trip with a fully guided Berlin Experience.

Wan’t to experience the best of Berlin? Join one of our local expert Berlin hosts and get a real authentic local Berlin Visit.

  • The Best Berlin Restaurants & Culinary Experiences
  • Accommodation recommendations based on your needs!
  • Our full range of walking tours, day trips, events & activities.
  • Full transportation, transfers, & pick-ups.
  • The best of Berlin areas, hidden locations, history, attractions, museums, parks, lakes, and things to do!
Guided Berlin Trip

Your Own Trip

We work with every group to customize the best possible Berlin Experience we can make! We take into account the time of year, weather, local events, and all specific group requirements and interest.

Local Experts

Our staff have run hundreds of events, group tours, day trips, educational visits, and just about every thing else. This diverse range has let us be able to hand pick and make some great Berlin partners.

Full Access to Berlin

If its possible, we can get it. If you have a specific wish or need to know if something is available, leave it to us and we will get it booked or find out why it can’t be.

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