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Express Berlin Tour: 2-hour Highlights Tour

Express Berlin Tour

2 Hour Berlin Highlights Tour

Join our one of our expert guides and visit many of key sites in Berlin related to 20th Century history and will explain the who, the why and the when!

A great way to see Berlin with the Express Berlin Tour: 2-hour Highlights Tour. Join Birchy or one of his expert guides as we take a late afternoon stroll and in two hours or so visit some of the most incredible historical sites in Berlin.

The 20th century saw many different Germany’s’ and many different Berlin’s and during this tour, we will delve into the dark and incredible 20th Century history of the city. If you are short on time and want to miss the crowds during the day then this is the ideal tour for you.

Our Quickest Berlin Highlights Tour

This tour is built for travelers visiting Berlin who may not have a lot of time. We have crunched in as much awesome Berlin in this tour as we could. This 2-hour tour is a great way to see many of the main historical sights in the city.

Express Berlin Tour: 2-hour Highlights Tour Visits

  • The Brandenburg Gate: Walking through the Royal Portal learn about one of the most iconic gates in the world. That Neo-Classical witness to Napoleon, Hitler, JFK, Reagan and David Hasselhof!! The gate has literally seen and been through it all and stood as a silent witness to the many Berlins there have been.
  • The Reichstag and Government District: Learn the history and importance of one of the most iconic buildings in Berlin and how the entire history of the city and country was played out within it. Marvel at what is officially the largest governmental complex in the world, the new Bundestag and Chancellory building.
  • Head into the largest park in Berlin and see one of the imposing Soviet War memorials and hear how this part of Berlin was a bloody battleground and key target as the city crumbled under the onslaught of the Soviet forces to herald the end of World War Two.
  • Experience the incredible Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe, the largest of the many, many memorials in Berlin.
  • Visit the site of Hitlers New Reichs Chancellery and stand on top of what remains of the Fuhrer Bunker, one of the most infamous historical sites in Europe, if not the World.
  • Walk down Wilhlemstrasse, the former nerve center of the 3rd Reich, take in the behemoth that is the former Luftwaffe HQ and the remains of the SS and Gestapo Headquarters at the Topography of Terror Exhibition.
  • Trace the course of the Berlin Wall, see one of the surviving sections of the Berlin Wall as well as one of the surviving watch-towers which surrounded West Berlin.

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