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Private Berlin World War II Tour: History and Downfall of the Third Reich

A Private Berlin World War II Tour

An in-depth journey looking at the rise of the Nazi, Nazi Berlin and how the city was impacted by the hundreds of air-raids and the cataclysmic Soviet assault on the city at the end of the Second World War.

Join us on a Berlin World War Tour like no other. When you consider the turbulent history of Berlin, considering its relatively young age, none of the chapters of its story are darker than that of the Nazi Period. And on this Unique tour, we will cover it all, pre-war Nazi Berlin and the events in Berlin coinciding with the ebbs and flows of the Second World War, Hitler’s dream for Berlin, the Germania Project, and the shattered reality of the city post-war.

Capital of the Third Reich in World War 2, Berlin still holds many scars, buildings, and historical sights from the worst war the world has ever seen.

Visiting one of the still extant Hoch Bunkers we will learn about the Heavy Bomber air-raids raids on Berlin and how the nazi authorities and military countered it. And we will retrace the footsteps of the Soviet Soldiers as they raced to raise the Soviet flag above the Reichstag under a hail of fire.

Come explore the turbulent World War II history of the German capital on this one-of-a-kind Private Berlin World War II Tour: History and Downfall of the Third Reich. A unique tour for the military history buffs looking at Berlin during the Second World War. For our Berlin World War Bike Tours head here and for this tour in German click here.

Berlin World War II Tour

With the near-complete destruction, and also the political removal of buildings post-war, some sites are now merely “ghost sites” but we will endeavor to discover as many tangible, physical things as possible. As well as shattering some common myths and misconceptions along the way!

Our Berlin World War Third Reich Tour Visits

The World War Berlin Tour includes a stroll down Wilhelmstrasse which was the government district, visiting the site of the Hitlers Bunker, The New Reich Chancellery Building, Joseph Goebbal’s Propaganda Ministry. Essentially the nerve center of the Third Reich and occupied Europe

  • Brandenburg Gate & The Reichstag
  • Air-raid bunker
  • Moltekebrücke
  • Soviet War Memorial in Tiergarten
  • Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe
  • Luftwaffe HQ, Hitlers Bunker, & SS Gestapo HQ
  • Battle Sites, Hidden City Scars
Visit the major Berlin World War landmarks with an expert guide. See the hidden places that aren’t in your guide book.

See Berlin from a historians point of view. Hidden History, Major Landmarks, Amazing Berlin. There is no other tour like this in Berlin.

This Tour is Designed and Ran by Expert and Awesome Guides.

Our guides have lead hundreds of tours around Berlin. They dedicate much of their personal and professional life to researching and visiting historical sites in the city. Our guides simply know and see things others do not. We believe this knowledge and Berlin Tour experience is unmatched in the city. Tours are scheduled individually based on local events and new developments. Interesting things are happening in Berlin every day. We believe this tour is truly the best most comprehensive tour you can take!

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Outside Hopfingerbräu
Ebertstr. 24, 10117 Berlin
(This is right next to the Brandenburg Gate)

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