Berlin Custom Group Tour

Private Group Custom Tours in Berlin

Customize your Berlin group tour based on your interests!

Educated Professional Guides

Berlin Custom Tour with guides with masters in history, archaeologist with projects in Berlin. Political Scientist, andother Original Local Experts.

Hundreds of Hours of Research & Field Experience

Our guides have spent hours personally and professionally researching history and related subjects in Berlin

Great Berlin Partners

From Restaurants & Breweries to Museums and Transport. We have set up all kinds of trips, tours, events, & other projects in Berlin, which has lead us to some of the best partners for our Berlin Tours.

Full selection of professional Tours

From history, architecture, street, art and culinary. We have a great selection of tours and activities. This allows us to create hundreds of different custom tours.


  • Add a museum or attraction visit, like the TV Tower, Reichstag, or Pergamon Museum.
  • Need transportation for your group? We have cars, vans, & coach buses available.
  • Choose from a number of educational tours, including tours tailored for various masters & other educational programs.
  • Add an activity like a German food sampling, Beer tasting, or street art workshop!


  • Berlin land Marks & Highlights
  • Bike tours available for most tours.
  • Cold War Berlin & DDR
  • The Berlin Wall major & hidden areas
  • World War II Berlin, Battle of Berlin, Third Reich Berlin
  • Birth of Berlin, Roman History
  • Berlin Architecture
  • Berlin Street Art, Wild Kreuzberg, street art workshop, David Bowie Tour
  • Berlin, German, & area-specific food tours
  • Historic pubs, craft beers, microbreweries
  • Day trips, to Potsdam, Sachsenhausen, Wannsee
  • Include a museum or attraction like TV Tower or Reichstag in your tour.

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