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Go local with Berlin Food and Beer Tours. Join us on an adventure through the culinary side of Berlin. Our team of experts has teamed up to design some amazing original experiences. From popular berlin Beers, microbrews, pub life, and craft beers. To local cuisine, bakeries, and cultural traditions. We intend to keep coming up with even more ways to explore the abundance of food and culture that Berlin has on display.

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Berlin Beer, and Brewing Culture

Historic Berlin Pubs, and Micro Breweries

One of a Kind Original Tours

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We had to suspend all of our culinary tours due to Covid-19 precautions and closers. We intend to get these backup and running as soon as we can safely do so.

Berlin Culinary Food and Beer Tours

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Historic Pubs of Berlin and Berlin Beer Tour

Take a walk with us around the city center and pop into some of the oldest Pubs in the city. Berlin has a rich history of Pub life, from World War pubs still brewing on site to places Napoleon drank back in 1806. This Berlin Beer Tour Visits at least 4 pubs/ bars whilst walking around what was medieval Berlin.

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History Highlights Sightseeing & Berlin Beer Tour

We have combined the best of both worlds with a Berlin landmarks and Berlin Beer Tour. Get to know Berlin Landmarks, History, and German Beer on this one of a kind Sightseeing & Berlin Beer Tour

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Micro-Brewery and Craft Beer Berlin Tour

This tour is a Berlin Beer experience with Micro Brewery’s and Berlin Craft Beer. The tour visits local pubs making and selling their own beer, craft beer hot spots, and some of the best microbrewery’s in town. From old to new, it’s Craft Beer Berlin

Our Berlin Culinary Food and Beer tours are lead and designed by our team of local professionals. We have a passion for Berlin and its multi-cultural atmosphere that welcomes all kinds of culinary options from restaurants, fast food, pubs, breweries, and beer gardens. Alcohol beer and wine have long been a part of the German culture and we are enthusiastic about showing this culture to the world. However, issues with addiction and overdrinking are well documented. Alcoholism is a disease that affects millions of lives. Please seek help if you feel like you are drinking too much and too regularly. Below are links to places where you can find help. WE ENCOURAGE EVERYONE TO PLEASE DRINK RESPONSIBLY.
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