Berlin Beers Guide to the best beers in Berlin

Octoberfest in Berlin 2019 Guide

Our Guide to celebrating Octoberfest (Oktoberfest) in Berlin

Oktoberfest Berlin is back again in 2019 and gets bigger every year. It won’t be reviling Munich’s Oktoberfest any time soon, but there are plenty of great events that you can only see right here in Berlin. Visiting Berlin? Check out our one of a kind History and Berlin Beer Tour.

First let’s go over some Berlin Octoberfest ground rules, general information, and some common misconceptions!

Although celebrated in Berlin October fest Originated in Sothern Germany where the culture is much different. This Bavarian holiday is usually thought of long beer tents, men wearing lederhosen and girls wearing dirndls. These are all Bavarian traditions and of course, Berlin is not apart of Bavaria, but have no fear you can find all of that in the German capital..

Oktoberfest actually starts in September…yep, that’s right it’s a September into Oktoberfest. It originally runs only until the first weekend in October

The festival coincides with German unity day.

Unlike places like Münchin Not every where in Berlin takes part in the celebration (although most do)

So with that in mind lets get to what everyone thinks of first when Octoberfest is mentioned Oktoberfest BEER!

Official October fest beer cannot just be any beer with a label and a willing drinker. As with all German beers they must be brewed in accordance with the Reinheitsgebot or German Purity law. Also, it must be brewed with a minimum of 13.5% Stammwürze or 6% alcohol by volume. Finally, the beer must be brewed within the city limits of Munich. That means that here in Berlin many different beers will be served as we are not in Munich, but many places will have official October fest beer. Here is a list of Breweries that can brew such a beer! For our full Berlin Beer guide click here!

Berlin Beers Guide to the best beers in Berlin
  • Augustiner-Bräu
  • Hacker-Pschorr-Bräu
  • Löwenbräu
  • Paulaner
  • Spatenbräu
  • Staatliches Hofbräu-München

Berlin Oktoberfest Celebrations 2019

Berlin Oktoberfest Volksfestplatz
oktoberfest berlin

Venue: Central Festpaltz Berlin, Kurt-Schumacher-Damm 207-245 13405 Berlin

Entry: FREE except October 2-3 5€ kids 14 and under FREE

Times: Friday 20.09.2019 to Sunday 06.10.2019 – start time:: 00 o’clock

This is more of the Official place for Oktoberfest in Berlin. Taking place at volksfestplatz just south of Tegal airport this is Berlin’s largest October fest celebration. From September 19- October 5 everything will be decked out in Bavarian decor and a massive Paulaner tent will be set up. It almost feels like your much closer to Munich here than you actually are. This will be a big festival with more games and things to do than most. Look for bumper cars, breakdance machine, slide, lake tower train, rides for kids, raffles, darts, ball throwing, shooting cars, and a carousel. Ya, that’s a lot of stuff add in the shows, performances, and great German beer and it sounds like a good time to me.

Spandau Citadel Oktoberfest

Venue: Citadel Spandau

Entry: Free

The October fest in Spandau is a bit out of the city yes, but held at the Citadel Spandau it is just far enough away to escape some of the inner city crowds. (still crowded) Not only that out here there tend to be more people dressed in the Lederhose and Derndal’s. Being farther away actually helps create a more Bavarian atmosphere. The main seating area will be a massive Löwenbräu Tent with over 1,000 seats. Of course, there will be an awesome Bavarian band, some interesting food, and no doubt a little beer.

Every day will have an endless stage program and plenty of things to see and do! The Spandauer Oktoberfest is always free!

You can check out their all Deutsche web site here.

Britzer Garten Berlin Oktoberfest
Britzer G
arten Oktoberfest

Venue: Britzer Garden, Festplatz Am See

Entry: is not free but 2€ is the most they charge soo…

This event takes place from October 3-5. Every year Britzer Garden throws a great Ocktober fest here in Berlin. This year will be no different. Taking place at the festplatz located within the park and right next to the lake. This area is already an amazing place in Berlin. You through a Bavarian-style party in the mix and you’re in for something special! Only taking place for three days this will be packed with activities, authentic Bavarian food, and great beer. Of course, plan on there being a brass band busted out some great Old school German tunes!

Universal Hall OktoberFest Berlin Hauptstadtwiesn
hauptstadtwiesn Berlin Oktoberfest

Venue: Universal Hall Berlin
Entry: Tickets are 10€ and can be booked in advance! Or reserve a table for 100€ included are 10 tickets

Tickets- reservations: Telefonnummer 030 399 249 30

The Universal Hall in Berlin is running a full month-long October fest celebration!. Starting on the 12 of September this place will be set up as a cozy Bavarian Oktoberfest. Although available all week the special parties will take place on the weekends in October Thursday as well. Under a big tent enjoy a brass band, dancing, shows, and plenty of beer. Don’t miss the Dirndl and Lederhose competition!

here is a list of what to expect at the Universal Hall Berlin

  • large beer garden
  • Original Paulaner beer
  • Service in traditional costume
  • Traditional delights
  • spacious dance floor
  • 80% of guests come in costumes
  • A clear view of the band from every seat
  • Historical Berlin quaint ambiance in Bavarian meadow decoration
  • Another highlight: the dirndl and LEDERHOSE COMPETITION

AlexanderPlatz Octoberfest
Alexanderplatz Berlin Oktoberfest

Venue: Alexanderplatz

Times: Varies all day till late
Entry: FREE

Probably drawing the most crowds due to its location and opening hours Alexanderplatz never misses an opportunity to throw a party. This year look for a massive beer garden, a “maibaum (may poll), live music, and as always a unique atmosphere. This place will also be offering up mostly Paulaner beer and assorted places cooking up Bavarian-style food. The mix of tourists and locals can always be found here as it is one of the largest foot traffic areas in Berlin. The best part about this is that every night there is a Dirndl competition every night!

Metaxa bay Berlin SpreeWiesn Hauptbanhof

Venue: Mataxa Bay Berlin

Entry: 7€
Times: 6 Pm- Late

This is going to be the biggest party this year outside of Bavaria for Octoberfest. Mataxa Bay transforms into massive wiesn (October fest) party. The beach club has repurposed a wooden hut, but not just any hut this wooden hut actually stood at Oktoberfest in Munich 25 years ago! This little cottage will be rockin and depending on the day you show up different specials and themes will be offered. Here are some specials offered

  • Thursday After work!
  • From 6 Pm-8 PM each guest reserves a spot
  • “Weißwürschtel pair with sweet mustard”
  • From 6 PM-1 Am “The Philistines” live!
  • for the best Oktoberfest mood on the benches and tables!
  • Every guest will also receive a free schnapps!

That wraps it up for our Berlin Octoberfest 2019! If your visiting don’t forget to check out our daily tours!

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