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Welcome to Birchy’s Berlin. A collection of local experts and business’s here in the German capital. We create Berlin tours, events, day trips, and much more. Our goal is to create offers for tourists and Berliners alike that can’t be found anywhere else. Some of our events run yearly and some are one-offs, so keep checking back to see what we have coming soon!

Berlin Jewish History Tour

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‘Welcome to Birchy’s Berlin Tours. We are a team of professionals from various historical fields like archaeologists, historians, and curators. Outside of our research, we set up one-of-a-kind Tours & Events. So come explore Berlin with any one of our tours, we design each and every one. From a Sachsenhausen Tour, a day trip to Potsdam, Discovering the Berlin Wall, the Cold War, or World War Two, to a tour of Berlin Highlights. All of our Tours have been researched and designed with years of experience. From beer brewers and top chiefs to gallery curators and historical researchers. We use our Berlin expertise and network to offer an Experience you can find nowhere else!’ Join us for a one-of-a-kind experience.

Daily Tours

Essential Berlin Tour
Berlin Wall Cold War Tour
World War II Tour
Sachsenhausen Tour 

Private Group & Solo Tours

Downfall Tour (1939 – 1945)
Birth of Berlin Tour: Medieval and Prussian History
Third Reich in a Day Tour
Jewish History Tour
Street Art Tour
Royal Potsdam Tour
Berlin in a Day Highlights Tour
Custom Berlin Group Tours

Bike & Culinary Tours

Historic Pubs of Berlin & Berlin Beer Tour
Berlin Wall & Cold War Berlin
Third Reich World War Sites & History
Highlights Brandenburg Gate & Tiergarten
Discover Berlin History & Highlights



We love Berlin, its culture and history. We aim to provide one of a kind sustainable tourism experiences in our favorite city!

Aaron Birchenough was born in Dover in the South East of England and spent his childhood engrossed in the fantastic history of the town, playing in the abandoned Napoleonic and Second World War fortifications on and within the cliffs of Dover. The history bug bit early. After studying archaeology at Bournemouth University he worked as an archaeologist professionally since 2004. The last 7 of which he was a senior archaeologist at the Museum of London Archaeology Service.
Whilst there he fell in love with a colleague’s sister and followed her over to Berlin when she moved here and he has called the city home since early 2012. He has excavated all over Germany and on a number of excavations in and around Berlin, working on one significant site near Alexanderplatz which produced some of the earliest medieval Settlements in Berlin.
He did not just fall in love with the woman (now his wife) but also the incredible history of the city and realized perhaps there was a different calling for him…something that combined the skills he learned whilst doing archaeology, dissemination of quality information, creating narratives and the history of Berlin…… and also a way of walking off the beer-belly. And so, since early 2015 Aaron has been running tours in and around Berlin working for different companies catering for very different clientele…and hasn’t stopped since.
Birchy’s Berlin Tours combines the positive elements of those different companies, creating an unforgettable historical tour experience of high quality and great value for the guests that choose to join us on a tour.

Birchys Berlin Tours